To give students the best chance at fulfilling their potential, classes are run all year round and do not follow school terms. Our enrollment process makes it easy to try and join at any time, ready to benefit from the first class.

Come Visit Us

Visit the Dojang, try on a uniform, meet the Instructor and learn some basic Hapkido skills to used in class. Free, fun one-on-one sessions that gives students the confidence to participate in a class.

Try a Class

Free first class to try a normal session with other students, of varying experience levels. See why everyone is loving Hapkido at ASD.

Keep Trying

Try 4 weeks of training. Experience making Hapkido part of your weekly routine and see the benefits start to show.

Join the Hapkido Family

Become a full member, enjoy training every week and start enjoying Hapkido as part of life.

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