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What's on @Hapkido - The Dojang News

Every month we have our calendar of events updated so our members and members of the community know what's on at our club premises, The Dojang! 

Save this page, visit often to stay updated with the events. 

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School Holiday Program - Hapkido Fun Days

5+  School Aged Children
15th, 16th, 19th, 22nd July

Dates: 15, 16, 19 and 22nd July

Time: 8am-3:30pm 

Cost: $80  ($70 for ASD members - $65 for Jidoja)

Please check Holiday Program page for dates for different age groups and member discounts before making the booking. 

Don't miss out on the fun filled days. Make memories and new friends! 

Booking can be made online to secure spots: 

Acrobatic Martial Arts Workshop

Members only
Saturday 13th July 10:30am-12pm

Date: July 13    10:30am - 12pm

Cost: $20 (pay cash on the day)

This is a very fun ongoing workshop every 2 months for our Falcon and Eagle members, minimum age 8.   Tricking spin and advanced kicks, weaponry, jumping and distance rolls. It's a whole heap of fun for 2 hours!

Book on the member portal via ClubApp

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Falcon Jidoja Appreciation Evening 

Pizza Dinner and Celebration @ The Dojang
Saturday 27th July 6pm-8pm

Jidoja program is our leadership program. 

Falcons program students ages 8 and older take extra responsibilities at our club, classes and events as leaders of the club. We will celebrate Falcon age group leaders of our club with a dinner and a surprise at the Dojang on 27th July. 

Book on the member portal via ClubApp

Kids Program Belt Promotion Event

Hawks Grading - 3pm-4pm
Falcons Grading - 4pm-5pm 

Date 1: Sunday 28th July       

Time: 3pm Hawks, 4pm Falcons

When students receive all their red, black and progress tips, they receive a goal tasks sheet to complete in 4 weeks. Then they are booked for their grading in the  following month.

Emails are sent to families with information on grading and payment of grading fees for students who are ready to grade. 


Next Grading Date 2: Sunday 18th August 

Technique testing for tips: Third week - July 15  through to  21st 

Grading icon.png

SNAPSHOT of August Events

Date - Event - Time

  • Friday 9th August   - Movie and Maccas Night - 5:30pm-8:30pm

  • Saturday 17 August - Eagle Jidoja Dinner 6:30pm-8:30pm

  • Sunday 18 August - Hawks Grading 3pm   Falcons Grading 4pm

  • Friday 23 August - Laser Tag Night 6pm-8pm

  • Sunday 25 August - IHA Eagles Grading

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